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The real Jan 6th ….

…Yesterday should’ve said January 5th

I drove to Sarasota and stopped off at Costco to buy some vitamin B (hoping it would help with these “no see ‘ems”). I ran into a guy named Carl … and he had been to our winery when we were at the Vino Piazza!

I stopped by Total Wines to introduce myself to the wine manager. A special thanks to Rick who recommends our Mischievous Zinfandel and our Dubious Petite Sirah.

From there, I hustled over to Siesta Beach in Sarasota. Definitely the largest beach I have ever seen.

Drove another 70 miles north and I am staying at my second golf course since I started this trip.

Check out the rest stop about 30 miles north of Sarasota. I could have stayed there!

I hope you guys are getting tired of ocean photos. I am so surprised of all the waterways here. I wanted to take photos of the inland waterways with the huge yachts, but there is never a place for me to pull over.

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Karen Smith Moreno
Karen Smith Moreno
Jan 07, 2022

How cool to be the employee's choice at a place that has a massive inventory of wine from all over! Love it. And never get tired of ocean photos. That's about the most sand I've seen leading up to the beach except Santa Monica. Looking forward to the next posts and places you land.

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