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Reminder: Win a case of wine for only $5.00!

It has been 2 weeks since I left for North Carolina to drive my camper van back to California. You can check out where I have stopped by going to my webpage: and hover over "Our Story" then click on "Lani's Blog". Submit your answers to the following questions and, if you are the closest, you can win a case of wine for just $5.00.

1) How many total miles will I travel 2) How much will I spend on gas 3) How much will I spend on food 4) How many miles will I walk

Good luck, and thanks for following me.

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Are you stopping by Sanibel/Captiva? Sanibel used to have lots of great shells and we liked the Ding Darling Preserve. I think it’s way more built

up now.


When will you be heading back to California, and are we aloud to make more then one guess

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