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Jan 2nd - second day at Boyd’s Camp Ground

This has been the first day I spent two nights at the same place. It was relaxing knowing I could do as little as I wanted, and best of all, I didn’t have a look for a place to spend the night. I drove to Smathers Beach. I heard they import their sand from the Bahamas. It is often windy windy their so you can rent wind surfers. There was a kite surfer there that was doing flips in the air it was cool

When I got back, I decided to make a nice supper (lunch/dinner). My 2nd cooked meal since leaving 🤫. Roasted vegetables with a glass of Devious … Thanks Jonathan for making us great wines.

I would highly recommend Boyd’s Camp Ground especially if you get water front. Besides restrooms and showers, they have laundry room, swimming pool and gift store.

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Beautiful beaches... tell us what the ocean temp was when you’ve gone swimming .

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