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Dec 30th - Larry & Penny Thompson Campground in Miami, Florida

After waking up this morning along a curbside of Planet Fitness, I quickly showered then headed out in search of a Starbucks for internet reception. I wanted to get my work done early so I could spend the day at a beach. 3 of the 4 Starbucks I went to were closed, (a sign on the door “Sorry we are closed today”), … the 4th had the drive up working but not the inside. Since I needed 9’ clearance for my van, and their clearance was only 8‘ I walked up to the car line My coffee cup in hand. No one is behind me and I doubt I could rear end a car … but they said they could not serve me … I was a safety hazard. 😩

I got back in my van and hooked up to their internet, which I am very grateful for, and answered my emails.

I headed to my next campsite: Larry & Penny Thompson Campgrounds. I was so exhausted going from one Starbucks to another, I decided to spend the day by their pool (I was also tired of driving and the beach was 45 minutes away).

I was later asked to join a water aerobic class...don't know how much exercise it counts for.

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Have a wonderful day, a fantastic New Year’s Eve 🎉, a relaxing Saturday and my prayer for health & peace in the New Year! 😘


What an adventure, enjoy relaxing by the pool. Happy New Year

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