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Dec 25th — Merry Christmas to everyone

I never get tired of walking the beaches here. The water is warmer and the weather is perfect … low 70s. This is Anastasia State Beach. I walked 6 miles today (one of the questions to win a case of wine for $5.00, is “How many total miles will I have walked”).

For the evening I stayed at Tomoka State Park. I felt like I was jungle camping. I would totally recommend it. I went kayaking there this morning.

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Karen Smith Moreno
Karen Smith Moreno
Dec 29, 2021

Love your adventure and courageousness! How's the weather? It looks amazing!


I was thinking just that while looking at your beautiful pictures Stay safe


How cool what a beautiful kayak ride

Replying to

Can’t blame you there I wouldn’t want to get attacked by an alligator either

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